Our Investment Process

In a fast-moving world where markets are constantly changing and with literally thousands of investment choices available, it has never been more important for portfolios to be actively managed by investment professionals who have the relevant expertise, experience and resources at their fingertips.


Step 1 – Investor Profile

The first step in the investment process concentrates on gaining a thorough understanding of your personal circumstances, financial objectives and attitude to risk via a comprehensive fact find. We work closely alongside you to fundamentally ensure that an accurate profile is built and an investment strategy adopted that you feel completely comfortable with.


Step 2 – Asset Allocation

When it comes to risk and reward, asset classes will all behave quite differently; asset allocation looks at strategically investing money in a number of different financial instruments that together can help protect against volatility and maximise potential returns. This strategy focuses on the investor’s specific goals and circumstances to determine the appropriate asset mix to give the optimal blend of risk and reward. Asset allocation is simply another method of diversification, essential for any well-balanced portfolio, which concentrates on getting the right mix of equities, fixed interest, property and cash to help maximise potential
returns within the risk parameters identified for our clients.
To do this, we utilise a highly sophisticated risk-modelling tool which, using the information gained from the fact find, is able to accurately determine the risk-profile. With the risk profile determined and asset allocation strategy in place, we can then recommend the most appropriate investment.


Step 3 – Fund Selection

The risk-modelling tool deduces which of the funds available are most suited to the individual, based on your risk profile and financial objectives. Recognising that no single investment group can always hope to be the best in every sector at all times, fund selection is outsourced to ensure that investors are accessing only the very best fund management skills at all times.
At the heart of our investment philosophy is the belief that each investor should have access to superior fund management throughout the lifetime of their investment. If, at any time, we believe that a fund management team is no longer offering the levels of excellence we insist upon, they will be replaced. You can feel comfortable that your investment is being continuously managed by a team of professionals committed to managing your portfolio.


Step 4 – Active Management

With a vast and often overwhelming range of funds to choose from, it has never been more important for these decisions to be made by investment professionals who have the relevant skills, industry knowledge, expertise and experience to select the consistent performers. A fund of funds simply invests in a basket of funds, rather than any singular holding to achieve even greater diversification. As no individual fund manager or investment group can hope to outperform all the time, investing in a selection of carefully chosen funds helps to spread risk. Funds are carefully selected by the fund management teams using extensive qualitative
and quantitative research and analysis.

Furthermore, asset allocation is continuously monitored and the modelling tool rebalanced if necessary. Reviewing and rebalancing is essential in today’s fast moving economic environment to ensure that the funds selected to continue to outperform.

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